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How Do You Stand?

If we are to embody the posture of Jesus, we will need to learn how to take a stand on love.

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Why Racial Peacemaking Matters

We have an opportunity to join God's restorative work.

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Thinking Deeply & Loving Widely

How can we think more deeply and love more widely in a Jesus-centered way?

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How to Establish Healthy Boundaries

Have you ever felt stuck in an unhealthy or toxic relationship?

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How The Enneagram Can Help Us Follow Jesus

When we fail to understand what lies beneath the surface of our lives, our core motivations get corrupted and wreak havoc in our lives and relationships.

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3 Keys To Going Deeper in Friendships

Meaningful friendships are hard to come by and require a ton of effort. In this post, we explore three ways to go deeper in friendships.

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How Community Can Be Our Cure

A strong sense of individualism dominates American culture and has left us feeling isolated and alone. A look at the earliest Jesus followers, however, paints a picture.

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How To Have a Difficult Conversation

Let's look at 3 practices that will help you move toward others when tensions are running high.

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Why the WAY Matters More Than the WHAT

Let's look at how to apply the way of Jesus in our leadership.

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