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6 Ministry Lessons I Wish I Had Known When I Started

There’s no way to be perfectly prepared for ministry, but this article explores 6 ministry lessons I wish I had known when I first started.

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What Parenting Has Taught Me About Discipleship

While it is easy to get frustrated with our kids when they don’t behave the way we want them to, these moments actually offer us an invitation to grow as parents and as disciples of Jesus.

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How Down Syndrome Is Teaching Me About Discipleship

In this article, Mac shares how his son, Griffin (who has Down syndrome), has been teaching him a lot about discipleship.

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How to Accompany People Through Deconstruction (Part 2)

In this article, we'll explore how to accompany people through deconstruction toward a reconstruction centered on Jesus.

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The What & Why of Deconstruction (Part 1)

We are hearing a lot about people deconstructing faith these days. But what is deconstruction and why are people engaging in it?

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Our 16 Favorite Books of 2021

If you're searching for another good read to add to your list, look no further.

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What CrossFit Is Teaching Me About Discipleship

Not only have I benefited physically, but CrossFit has also taught me tons about the nature of discipleship. These are a few of the things I've learned in my journey.

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How To Get Off the Treadmill of Self-Improvement

In this post we explore how to jump off the treadmill of self-improvement into a life of God-led, Spirit-filled engagement.

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Why the WAY Matters More Than the WHAT

Let's look at how to apply the way of Jesus in our leadership.

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