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Every church has a culture whether they realize it or not.  Some cultures are reasonably healthy; others are not.  And while no church is perfect, part of the work every church needs to engage in is intentionally working to close whatever gap exists between being healthy and where they currently are.

So in this series, we are seeking to help close the gap. And this involves not only talking about the marks of an unhealthy church culture but casting vision for how we as the church can embody a way of life together that, while it may not be perfect is oriented toward goodness, kindness, and love.

And today we want to talk about church cultures that are personality-driven, a powerful toxin in the soil of unhealthy church cultures.

When a church builds the church around a single person (and typically this is the lead pastor) an unhealthy church culture is created.  A lead-pastor-centric church that orbits around the pastor’s personality and gifting will not be a healthy church.

And yet this is commonplace. Let's talk about why that is, notice the pitfalls, and look at how we can move towards a healthier alternative.

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