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We are in a series right now where we are talking about our core values as a church. In our last episode we talked about the value of discipleship. If you haven’t listened to it, we encourage you to check it out. Brené Brown says we can’t live into values we can’t name. So that’s what we are doing in this series; we are naming our values as a church so that we can live into them.

Today we’re talking about another one of our core values as a church which is Spirit-sensitivity. We want to be a community that is sensitive to the movement and the leadership of the Spirit of God. Being responsive to the Holy Spirit is an idea that’s easy to agree with in theory, but it’s a whole separate thing to actually practice it. In this episode, we unpack what Spirit-sensitivity means, we look at what it looks like to embody this value, and how this challenges or critiques some of our default ways of operating as a church.

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