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Partnering with families to nurture, equip and prepare kids to be followers of Jesus.

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We believe kids connect to God best when they participate with others in kid friendly experiences that reveal God at work in real ways! That is why all of our programs use interactive, community based activities to teach and help kids experience God’s friendship. It is also why we strive to equip parents and guardians to show kids God’s truth and presence in their day-to-day lives.

We encourage kids to build three important relationships as they engage God’s Word: to God, to other Christians, and to others in the world. We teach using Christ-centered curriculum that promotes skills to help kids join in God’s adventures their whole lives!

For Both Parents and Kids

Crosspoint Kids meets at the same time as our Worship Gatherings for adults. So while you are enjoying the worship and teaching in the auditorium, your kids are experiencing God in their language!

Safety Is Priority

We have a check-in system with parent identification tags, trained security throughout the facility, and team members who have all passed a comprehensive background check. We also have a system in place to contact you during the service if necessary.

We Hope You'll Help

If your kids are in Kids Programming on the weekend, consider partnering with us and lending a helping hand. It's a great way to get connected, it's rewarding, and many hands make light work for others who enjoy this program!