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Raising Kingdom Kids

Raising kingdom kids with a living faith means raising them with the perspective that the Christian life isn't a short-term sprint. A living faith must be a daily faith. Each time we meet, we will watch a short DVD section and work through guided questions. Dr. Evans casts a clear, practical vision for raising kids who matter in God's kingdom. He lays out the biblical foundation for parenting, the goals of mentoring kids who are in God's image, and how to build and successfully transfer kingdom values to the next generation.

There is minimal to no homework with this study.

January 9, 23
February 6, 20
March 5, 19
April 2, 16, 30




9:00 am


11:00 am

$5 + Childcare


Child care available

Brittany Knuteson
Brittany Knuteson

Group Leader

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