W380 N6931 N Lake Road, Oconomowoc, WI 53066


Sunday - 8:45 AM + 10:30 AM
Children's Programming available at both services.

Walking into a new church can be intimidating and at times terrifying depending on your previous church experience. If you are considering attending one of our worship services, we pray that you would take the brave step and come join us! We can’t fully describe what you will experience, but at least we can try to give you an idea of what to expect.

We gather in a church building just outside downtown Oconomowoc. On the weekend, you might see some people in a dress shirt and tie, others in a t-shirt and shorts, and a lot of in between. We believe that God wants us to come to Him and His church just as we are. Our worship gatherings usually last around 70 minutes and include worship through music, the preaching of God’s Word and prayer. We also regularly celebrate together through believer’s baptism & communion.

Our prayer for every service is that you would feel welcomed and loved - that you wouldn’t leave our building thinking about how cool our lighting was, how funny the pastor was, or how awesome the band was. We want you to leave our church amazed at God’s radical love expressed through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

If you don’t remember anything when you leave Crosspoint except how radically life-changing Jesus is, we view that as a huge success!


Kids matter to God, so they matter to us! God doesn’t want anything standing in the way of these little ones experiencing His love and His presence - Crosspoint Kidz is called to show them just that. Your children will connect to Christ through a community that is passionate about their spiritual growth. Everything we do is designed with your kids in mind!

If your children (Infants-5th grade) are attending Crosspoint Kidz for the first time, we recommend coming to church 15 minutes prior to the service. That way you will have ample time signing your kids up, seeing the classrooms and meeting our awesome team!

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