The media in our services is a vital tool that helps communicate to our congregation. Are you a person who is comfortable navigating on a computer? People in this ministry are detail oriented and are excellent in anticipating what is coming next in the service.
Training provided
Age Requirement: 16 and older

The lights in our services draw our congregation into worship and enhances the experience by creating beautiful environments. Our operators are responsible for advancing all lighting cues at the right time. Being tech savvy and detail-oriented is a plus.
Training provided
Age Requirement: 16 and older

Imagine a church service at Crosspoint with no sound! Our audio engineers do an excellent job in aiming our focus on worship and creating a distraction-free environment. People in this ministry have an excellent ear for mixing live music, are able to resolve problems efficiently, have a high attention to detail and are effective in high-stress situations. 
Age Requirement: 18 and older

Having someone live capture our weekend services gives anybody who is unable to participate the option of watching our sermons online. Our camera operators have steady hands, are able to adjust the camera settings effectively and can follow the pastor with ease.
Training provided
Age Requirement: 16 and older

Guitars. Giant Chalkboards. Guitar Stands. Sparkly Jackets. Podiums. Stools. These are just a few of the items that come on and off our stage on a given weekend. Without our stage hands, our services simply wouldn't work. Our guys (or girls) are capable of handling instruments, AV equipment and cabling, moving swiftly on and off the stage and following detailed instructions.
Training provided
Age Requirement: 16 and older

A warm greeting and friendly smile can make a lasting impression on a person. Do you have a cheerful smile and enjoy welcoming people? Our greeters are energetic, talkative, and friendly.
Age Requirement: 16 and older

Our Info Center crew loves helping people at Crosspoint feel welcome! People in this ministry area love to assist others and provide them with helpful ministry information.
Age Requirement: 16 and older

Ushers are responsible for welcoming guests to our worship service and minimizing distractions so that they are relaxed and ready to focus all their attention to the sermon.
Age Requirement: 16 and older

Our prayer team offers prayer to anyone that would come with requests after the worship service. People in this ministry are comfortable praying for and encouraging others. 
Age Requirement: 16 and older

Hold, play with and care for our youngest Crosspoint children.
Age requirement: 6th grade and older - Time commitment: Once a month

Be a part of building a foundation of faith in our preschoolers.
Age requirement: 6th grade and older - Time commitment: Twice a month

Help our early elementary kids understand God's big story as we share the message.
Age requirement: 6th grade & older - Time commitment: Twice a month

Disciple these kids as they learn how to apply God's truth to their lives.
Age requirement: 8th grade and older - Time commitment: Twice a month

Mentor kids as they memorize God's Word on Thursday nights.
Age requirement: 7th grade and older - Time commitment: Once a week

It takes a lot of assembly and execution to make our Ignition service come to life each weekend. Do you enjoy building and running an environment where people can connect with God? Our production team builds, programs and runs our weekend service. 
Age Requirement: 13 and older

We believe the sermon begins in the parking lot. First impressions matter more than we realize! Do you enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces from the moment they walk in the door? Our First Impressions Team does this through greeting, running our café, ushering and more. 
Age Requirement: 13 and older

A mentor is often credited as having the greatest spiritual impact on a teenager’s life decisions. Could you be the one to change a young person’s life? Our mentors love Christ, love students and invest in their lives one-on-one for a specified period of time. 
Age Requirement: 18 and older

Our events and trips require plenty of leadership. Has God enabled you to be a chaperone or coordinator for an upcoming event? Our event leaders are energetic, personable and responsible. 
Age Requirement: 18 and older

Are you looking for an opportunity to provide encouragement, comfort and care to those who are in hospital, hospice or homebound situations? This ministry extends visitations to people throughout the Lake Country area. Training is available. 
Age Requirement: 18 and older

Would you like to make a difference in people's lives by providing a meal to someone in need? People who participate in this ministry are asked to provide a full dinner (home cooked meal, purchased or gift card).
No experience required!