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And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
— Matthew 24:14

The point of this year’s message boils down to this: Jesus wants to awaken us to what it means to live in His Kingdom now so that this Kingdom will come in fullness when He returns. As we join God in His plan to provide gospel access to all peoples, we commit to bringing about the day of the Coming King.

This idea, rooted in Matthew 24:14, is what first “awakened” our movement! Can it again today?


Jesus basically said to His disciples (and to us), “This Kingdom will not happen soon because there’s a big age about to unfold. This is My Kingdom. I’m at work during this age and want you to join Me. Together we’ll see the good news of this Kingdom spread to all peoples and then the end will come.”


Between the Kingdom promised and the Kingdom eternal is this long period of time called the Kingdom Come. Jesus tells us, “My Kingdom has come here on earth, and it’s going to spread to all peoples. Amid challenges and opposition, those transformed by the good news of this Kingdom will spread it to all people. Please wake up to this reality! I want it to be good for you when I return because you’ll be found living out My Kingdom ways and welcoming the day of My coming.”


Matthew 24 and 25 unfold Jesus’ teaching about how to live now to help bring about the day of His coming. There are three ways to live now:

  • Always Be Ready by living in love with and anticipating the Coming King
    (Matthew 24:42–45—the thief in the night and 25:1–13—the wise and foolish virgins).

  • Always Be Investing what He has put into your hands into those things that will be eternal
    (Matthew 24:45–47—the good servant and 25:14–29—the parable of the talents).

  • Always Be Serving because the Kingdom is love and people are precious
    (Matthew 24:48–51—the evil servant and 25:31–46—the sheep and the goats).

Missions Celebration Dinner | Header.png

Friday, November 2 | 5:30 pm

The Missions Dinner is a celebration of our Global Mission Partnerships. We will share where we have seen God at work throughout the year. Come and meet the head missionary from our newest partnership in El Salvador. In addition, our Crosspoint Students will be sharing God stories from their trip to Los Angeles and the work they did in the Watts Housing Project through Powerhouse Church.

To register and purchase tickets, click the button below or stop by the Information Center after one of our service. Tickets are $5 each or $20 maximum per family.