NEHEMIAH | Responding to God Amidst Opposition.
The final captives were returning to Jerusalem. Post-exilic Israel was in the midst of rebuild and restoration from both physical and spiritual destruction. Along with renewal, opposition came from all corners during the process. Nehemiah’s first person account shows us the heart of a faithful servant willing to listen to God’s lead in the face of opposition and the unswerving faithfulness of God.



ECCLESIASTES |Discovering life with God. Ecclesiastes is a 12-week study that shows us that life apart from God is meaningless.

EPHESIANS | Living our faith in unity and love. This 10-week study looks at Paul’s letter to the brothers and sisters of Ephesus and urges us today to live as one in Jesus. 

GALATIANS | Salvation by faith in Christ alone.

JAMES | Christianity In Action. James encourages us to put the teaching of this short letter into immediate practice.

PHILIPPIANS | A Guide to Living In the Way of Jesus. Paul’s letter to the Philippians challenges us to life a life worthy of the gospel.

PROVERBS | A Guide to Right Living. Proverbs focuses on right living in everyday situations.

PSALMS | Discovering Human Emotion, Experience. Psalms asks us to take every facet of our own lives to God in praise and prayer.








FORWARD MOTION | A Look at One of Crosspoint’s Most Important Purposes. Exploring the mission and vision of C3 - restore, develop and release.

NEW FRIEND REQUEST | A Look at Our Different Relationships. Shaping, giving and dealing with the relationships in our lives.

PAUSE | Discovering the Presence of God. Know that God is with us in the good times and the bad.

WE | Doing Life Together in Community. Considering God’s counter-cultural truths: “We” not “Me.”

PROMISE  | Tension waiting for God's Time. Why does it take God so long to hear my cries, answer my prayers? Does God really keep the promises he makes to his people?  This three-week study examines three instances of God’s past faithfulness to his people, providing hope for us today.

THANKFUL | Tension waiting for God's time.
No matter our circumstance, whether abundant blessings or hardships, a spirit of thankfulness makes all the difference. THANKFUL is a three-week study that teaches us to respond to God with thanks… always.