Thank you for your interest in becoming a Home Group leader! Home groups form an integral part of church life here at Crosspoint. We believe that growing as a follower of Jesus takes place best within the context of committed and focused relationship alongside other Jesus followers. Our home groups provide an environment where individuals can connect with others, grow in their relationship with Jesus and extend community to others that do not yet know Jesus. Because Crosspoint is a fairly large church, we encourage all people to find a home group where they can experience church life in a more intimate setting. 

Since home groups form such an integral part of our church life, we place a high priority on home group leadership. Our conviction is that the home group leader plays an important role in creating an  environment for people to connect, grow as Jesus followers and welcome others that do not yet know Jesus. For this reason, we take great care in enlisting and equipping individuals that are interested in assuming a position of leadership within our home group ministry. Please read through the following information that outlines what we look for and what we expect when it comes to home group leadership. 

The role of a home group leader is to provide a safe environment where participants can do life together, grow as followers of Jesus and reach others for Christ. Home group leaders will be most successful when they model each of these areas by demonstrating mature and healthy relationships, a growing relationship with Jesus and influence in reaching others for Christ. 


  • Home group leaders must demonstrate a growing and ongoing personal relationship with Jesus.

  • Home group leaders must recognize the Bible as authoritative in all areas of life.

  • Home group leaders must have some prior experience with home group life (prior leadership experience is preferable). 


  • Lead each home group sessions by facilitating discussion, encouraging participation and monitoring healthy home group life. 

  • Provide clear communication on home group life and progress when requested by church staff or a home groups coach. 

  • Attend and engage in any home group leadership development opportunities. 

  • Identify and select an individual within your home group to train and develop as a future home group leader.  

  • Strive to grow and multiply your home group by inviting people that do not yet know Jesus.

If you are interested in becoming a home group leader, please take the following action steps: 

  1. Read through the qualifications and expectations listed above. 

  2. Fill out a home group leadership application form. 

  3. Send your completed leadership application to Wes Werner via email or drop it by the front desk. 

  4. Wait to be contacted by Jake Manne for an interview. 

If you have any questions about home group leadership, please contact Jake Manne (262) 567-5311, ext 11