Are there different types of home groups?
There are many types of groups available: men’s groups, women’s groups, coed groups (singles and couples), multi-generational groups. We’re certain you’ll find and connect to a group that is the best fit for you. 

When do home groups meet?
Different groups meet different days of the week and at different times.

How do I join a home group?
The easiest way to join a group is to search here. You’ll be able to search by group type, meeting day and location. Names of group leaders, email contact and a short description of the group are provided. Keep your eyes open for people you already know at Crosspoint. 

How often do home groups meet? 
While our groups are not “required” to meet each week, we strongly encourage them to do so. We believe there is a positive relationship between the quality of group interaction and the frequency with which they meet. 

Do home groups meet during the summer?
While our home groups tend to meet less frequently during the summer due to chaotic schedules, we encourage them to maintain some level of contact with one another to stay connected. 

How many people are in a home group?
Group sizes vary, but we have found that a group of 8-12 people tends to be ideal. Groups that exceed 14-15 people are encouraged to multiply. 

Is there homework? 
Not really. Our home group curriculum typically involves minimal outside preparation. 

Do you have to be a believer to join? 
Absolutely not. In fact, our desire is for home groups to provide a safe environment for people to come explore what it means to follow Jesus.