How do you choose your Adult Disciplers & Mentors?
Disciplers & Mentors are men and women who have a strong relationship with the Lord that are willing to commit to disciple or mentor a Crosspoint student. These relationships are to help the student grow in their relationship with Christ so they will walk with Him on a daily basis.

Before choosing our Disciplers & Mentors must:

  • Have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and walk closely with Him on a daily basis.

  • Be in the Word of God on a daily basis and have a strong desire to develop growth in prayer, worship and reading the Word.

  • Go through the screening which includes a background check, driving record check and interview process. Safety is important to us, as well as matching our candidates with the right student.

  • Be willing to commit for an agreed time to meet with your student 4-8 hours a month.
  • Undergo training
  • Have a registered license and good driving record, car insurance as well as permission/waiver from the parents.
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or drug substances when meeting with your student. If for any reason you suspect this, please report this right away to the Advisor and Director of the CSMP Program.

Who do I go to if I have questions or concerns regarding my student’s Mentor or the Program?
Each Disciple/Mentor relationship will be assigned to an Advisor who you will be your go-to when you have questions or concerns. If your Advisor is unavailable, then you may go to the Director of CSMP.

How long will this Disciple or Mentor Relationship last?
There will be a start date and an ending date assigned at the beginning of each relationship. These meetings should last no more than 2 hours, and they should meet at least 2-4 times per month, from start date to ending date.

How do you determine if my son/daughter needs to be disciple or mentored?
Each student, with your signed permission, will be asked to fill out a survey and hand it in to the Director of the program. The Director then will set up an interview with your student and an Advisor. After interviewing the student, carefully reading their survey and prayerful consideration, we will determine what your student needs and match them with and adult.

When we find a match, we will contact your student and have you fill out the remainder of the permission forms. We will also arrange an initial meeting with their disciple/mentor, Advisor and the Director. Parents will be allowed to attend this initial meeting. 

What if the Disciple or Mentor relationship is not working?
6-8 weeks from beginning date, the Advisor will be contacting the student and adult, individually to check on how things are going.  If things aren’t going well, your student should then inform the Advisor of the problem. If it is something very serious, please contact the Advisor sooner. The Advisor will contact the Director regarding all issues and problems.

What is your confidentiality policy?

Confidentiality is very important, but our Disciplers & Mentors are not counselors. If they have questions or concerns, or need advice they will be speaking ONLY to their Advisor or Director with these concerns. 

Depending on the concern, if the Advisor and Director feel the parents should know about this we will do one of three things depending on the severity of the concern:

  1. Less extreme concerns
    We will give the student 24-48 hours to tell the parent. This will mean the parent will have to report to the Mentor what their student told them
  2. Extreme concern
    We will have the Mentor notify the parents
  3. Severely Extreme Concern
    We will notify parents and police

We hope to never have to use the last two.  If a parent has concern for their student, they may contact the Advisor, Director or Youth Pastor for advice.